My lines "Rosinedal" s and the many lines from my dogs after my wife´s "Vignettes" have provided so many Peedegrees in Sweden and other countries. Breeding is complex. My main is goal is to keep some peedigess of concern. I have 1 mentorship in Johanna Olausson at Royalcox that has an interest in mentality, fur coat, colors and health standards - her speciality is peedgree that is her interest and she often learn by heart. This is very satisfing. To have someone that understands my lines and to understand what to look for in mating. I am available for puppy buyers with a future in breeding if mentorship is wanted. If I can give I will. / Björn Ericson, Rosinedal

Other kennels with my lines

Royalcox -  Johanna Olausson- www.royalcox.se and on FB search on kennel royalcox

Love cox- Inger Ivebrand - https://lovecoxs.webber.se/ and on her personal FB

Mon Cox - Berit Lange - FB 

Ulvzeke´s - Birgitta Nordling, Uppsala - on FB only and only upon request.